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When police brutality does not matter

Since the killing of George Floyd, left-leaning media have covered extensively police behaviour and training, focusing on cases of unarmed people killed in encounters with the police in the last few years and maintaining the need for reforms.

Tony Timpa seems to be a perfect case to support this cause. The white 32-year-old trucking company executive was suffering from a mental health breakdown, and he called 911 for help. He died within 20 minutes of police officers' arrival, after being restrained and pinned to the ground for more than 14 minutes, even after he stopped moving and responding,

While Derek Chauvin was convicted of two counts of murder and a count of manslaughter for his role in Floyd's death, criminal charges against the three officers present when Timpa died were dropped in March 2019. They returned to active duty.

An excessive force civil lawsuit against the officers was dismissed in July 2020. No public support was shown to the family.  In December 2021, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the trial court decision giving the officers qualified immunity, giving the Timpa family the right to go to trial in their case against Dillard.

In January 2022 local news reported that the city of Dallas wants the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans to re-hear the case. Even if left-leaning media are still focused on the topic of police reform, the decision did not reach the national news.

We compared the mentions of Timpa's case from the day George Floyd died both on left-leaning and non-left-leaning outlets. Click on Show data to see the results.

Sources include ABC News, CBS News, CNN, HuffPost, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, New York Times, Politico, VOX, Washington Post, Breitbart News Network, Fox News, New York Post, The Hill, USA Today, Washington Examiner

Airickson, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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