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HB 1557 in MSM: criticism or misinformation?

The CS/CS/HB 1557: Parental Rights in Education bill has been discussed extensively by mainstream media and has gone into effect today, but you may not know what we're talking about if you get your information mainly from left-leaning outlets.

The reason is simple: they typically call it the "Don't say gay bill". While criticism for this, or any other, bill in the press is perfectly legitimate and an important part of the democratic process, the media should also have the responsibility to give their audience all the information they need to make up their minds.

Considering the bill does not contain the word gay or any synonyms, and that it does not refer in any way to what the students are at liberty to say, calling it "Don't say gay" can be considered a mischaracterization at best, and deliberately misleading at worst.

To find out how much mainstream media distracted their audience from the actual contents of the bill, we compared all the articles that referred to the bill as "Don't say gay" and those that more objectively only referred to it by its actual name, "Parental Rights in Education" or "House Bill 1557" or "HB 1557" around the time the bill was discussed. Click on Show data to see the results.

Sources include ABC News, CBS News, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, New York Times, Politico, Washington Post, CNN, HuffPost

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