Delayed Reporting

"Believe all women"... except Tara Reade

We have already seen with Lindsey Boylan that sometimes sexual harassment allegations against political figures do not get reported promptly and that critics might consider that an example of bias by omission.

Something very similar happened with Tara Reade, former staff assistant in Joe Biden’s Senate office. In 2019, Tara Reade and seven other women accused Joe Biden of kissing, hugging, or touching them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable. Then on March 25, 2020, in a podcast interview with left-leaning commentator Katie Halper, Reade alleged Biden had sexually assaulted her in 1993.

Left-leaning outlets, though, did not report the assault accusations as soon as they came out.

Click on Reveal delay to see how many days passed before Politico reported the piece of news.

Sources include Politico

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