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Why are nursing home deaths less relevant than harassment accusations?

We have seen in these pages that some outlets initially did not report sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo, but when more staffers came forward the scandal became a media sensation.

The same did not happen with the nursing homes tragedy the Cuomo administration allegedly contributed to and tried to hide, in which thousands of New Yorkers died.

In March 2020 Mr. Cuomo’s administration ordered nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients from hospitals. According to the New York State Bar Association Task Force on Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care report published by The New York Post, this decision caused an increase in the death toll, one of the highest across the country.

In January 2021, New York’s attorney general said the administration had undercounted nursing home deaths. In April, The New York Times reported that Mr. Cuomo’s aides spent months hiding the nursing home death toll.

We have compared the mentions of Andrew Cuomo's sexual harassment allegations and New York nursing home deaths scandal from April 2020, when the nursing homes issues surfaced, to December 2021.

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Sources include New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, ABC News, Politico, NBC News, CNN, CBS News, VOX

Photo by Mulyadi on Unsplash

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