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Does The New York Times know a ruling class exists?

The New York Times published an expose on Fox News' Tucker Carlson in which the newspaper accuses the anchor of the Tucker Carlson Tonight show of being obsessed with a "ruling class", the existence of which the NYT finds so bizarre it puts the name in scare quotes and mentions it like a conspiracy theory.

For example, in the tweets promoting the article the NYT says "On Carlson’s show, he pits the “ruling class” (what he often refers to as “they”) against “you,” his viewers" and "Carlson referred to this “ruling class” in more than 800 of his 1,150 episodes from the beginning of his show", suggesting the concept of a "ruling class" is in itself bizarre.

So it was quite surprising what we found when we dug deep into mentions of this phantomatic "ruling class" that The New York Times seems so unfamiliar with: have a look for yourself!

Sources include New York Times

Photo by Stéphan Valentin on Unsplash

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