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Use of "Uncle Tom" in left-leaning media: is respect conditional on political affiliation?

Today the New York Post published an article titled Debunking Sunny Hostin’s claim that black Republicans are an ‘oxymoron. It comments on the fact that Sunny Hostin, co-host of the daytime show "The View" on ABC, said she didn't "understand" Black Republicans, calling them an oxymoron, i.e. a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.

In it, the author of the New York Post article, Adam Coleman, writes: "Certain black people enjoy gatekeeping other black people, and when you step out of line, they will gladly enforce a level of racial ostracization — or in the words of President Joe Biden, they’ll remind you, “You ain’t black.” The reason our president can flippantly state what black is or what black does, as a white person, is that our powerful black gatekeepers are in full agreement with his sentiment.

From how we talk to whom we cast our ballot for, we are supposed to perform in a way that is “suitably black.” Anyone who deviates from what our gatekeepers consider tolerable will be accused of wanting to disassociate from their people by traitorously aligning themselves with the opposition: white people."

So we checked out how much other left-leaning media outlets express disrespect for Black Republicans. To do that we searched for the derogatory epithet "Uncle Tom" on their homepages over nearly two years to see in how many months it appeared and with how many mentions. Click on Show Data to see the results.

Sources include ABC News, CBS News, CNN, HuffPost, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, New York Times, Politico, VOX, Washington Post

W. M. Rhoads, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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