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Righ-leaning outlets homepage

We have already seen what a single homepage with all 2021 most covered stories of the major left-leaning outlets would look like. Here is the same for right-leaning outlets.

By comparing the two you can have an idea of what stories have been considered very important by both political orientations and which ones have received more coverage on one side or the other.

The comparison also shows how people getting their information from left-leaning outlets only, from right-leaning outlets only, or from both can have a different perception of the news.

As for all of our Coverage Homepages, stories are ranked based on how prominent their average position on the homepages was and how long they remained there. 

By exploring this Coverage Homepage you can see when each story first appeared and how long it has been on the homepages since then. You can also see how many and which outlets reported it and read a relevant article by clicking on the box title. Some stories' coverage is even broken down outlet by outlet, and you can see the relevant percentages in detail moving your mouse over the chart.

You can see more details on how we created this Coverage Homepage by clicking on the question mark in the data header below.


Sources include Breitbart News Network, Fox News, New York Post, Washington Examiner

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