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What matters and what doesn't in covering a trial

The Rittenhouse case strongly polarized the press and, as a result, getting a clear picture of the facts without actually following the trial did not always prove easy.

One commonly accepted misrepresentation of the facts is that Rittenhouse crossed state lines armed, even if the trial established he did not. Even after the acquittal, CBS News reported that "Rittenhouse drove in from Illinois armed for battle", a statement they had to correct

While details like this, which may have helped the readers form an opinion about Rittenhouse's character, were examined extensively, the same does not seem to have been done about other people involved in the case. 

So we compared how many times left-leaning outlets mentioned the crossing of state lines, and how many times they reported that one of the victims was a convicted child molester.

Click on Show data to see how the number of articles compares.

Sources include Politico, Huffington Post, CNN, NBC News, New York Times, VOX, CBS News, ABC News, Los Angeles Times

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